Kidzee Class

Every Kidzee classroom is designed in such a way that iLLUME is implemented and executed in the best possible manner. From carefully creating open places filled with child friendly equipment to visual stimulation through 

pictures & videos, every classroom is engineered to provide children with the best learning experience.

Kidzee Teachers

Kidzee researched and structured training program wherein teachers are equipped with skills required to be an iLLUME teacher. Every Kidzee teacher has to mandatorily undergo iLLUMNAIRE. At iLLUMNAIRE, teachers learn, share information and receive in-depth training on iLLUME. This training is dynamic, insightful and stresses

on hands-on skills which ensures that they are fully equipped to facilitate children’s development and education.

Kidzee Awards 

A glance at the success and achievements of Asia’s No. 1 preschool.

National early child playschool chain of the year’ award at Indian education awards 2016

  • Kidzee ranked among the best franchised preschools in Mumbai by Times of India Survey

  • Winner of “Best Content and Delivery Award”, Indian Education Congress in 2011

  • Winner of Franchise Plus “Franchisor of the Year” award in 2010

  • Winner of Franchising World “Best Franchisor in Education” award in 2009

  • Winner of Franchising World “Best Franchisor in Pre-school education” award in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004